BIEDERMANN has been developing and producing individual precision solutions for more than 50 years, using a highly diverse number of materials and working with companies that are operating nationally and internationally. The lowest denominator that we share with our customers has always been a common demand for the highest standards. Using this approach ensures that we will keep successfully in step with the progress and achieve the best possible results.

Under the umbrella of the BIEDERMANN brand you will find an expansive spectrum of technologies, from CNC milling and turning technology to cylindrical and flat grinding, laser marking, CNC engraving, corner milling and deburring technology.

The name BIEDERMANN is synonymous with comprehensive and transparent service. A service that goes beyond all demands and components. We provide everything from a single source. We generate individual solutions for companies that demand the highest level of quality and reliability when it comes to design, development, production and sales.

As a systems supplier, we offer our customers from the mechanical engineering industry, the systems and equipment manufacturing branch, the aircraft industry, and from medical engineering the installation of sub-systems. Our comprehensive production spectrum includes the manufacture of prototypes and offers the production of small- and medium-sized series.