From humble accommodations to a facility where products are made with micrometer precision. This could be the headline of the successful company history that started in 1961 with Josef Biedermann and the founding of the company of the same name in rural Untergrombach, near Bruchsal a town in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

An entrepreneurial spirit, a roof over the head, and a conventional lathe to produce turned parts – that was all a zealous tinkerer needed to eventually build a prosperous company. Soon the name Biedermann became synonymous with the term quality and reliability in its region. It didn't take long until customers throughout Germany needed to be served. And this led to the expansion of the production facilities. These humble quarters turned into a considerable production facility with substantial in-house machinery. Nevertheless, the headquarters remained in Untergrombach until today—which is a reflection of the exceptional infrastructure and the technology available in this region.

In 2002 a young entrepreneur by the name of Alexander Wilser takes over the business. Extensive modernisations, a large investment in new technologies, and state-of-the-art production systems are the reason why Biedermann also serves international customers in Europe and abroad, and delivers its products worldwide.

The strategic decision in 2006 to acquire Kohle GmbH, an industry leader in the deburring technology, was an important milestone on the way to international success.

In 2014 a new chapter was written: Two companies operating independently till now—Biedermann Drehteile GmbH and Kohle GmbH—amalgamated to establish Biedermann GmbH. The quality brand KOHLE, which has always been synonymous for rugged and ergonomic chamfer milling machines and precision deburring technology, will now be carried by Biedermann GmbH.

Today, the BIEDERMANN brand provides an expansive spectrum of technologies, from CNC milling and lathe technology to cylindrical and flat grinding, laser marking, CNC engraving, corner milling and deburring technology.

Today, we work with due diligence, are deeply committed, and are passionate about the company’s future. Always focusing on our greatest objective: Excellence in all subject areas.